Your Business Opportunity in a Home Based Coffee Business

home based coffee business

There are several dynamic aspects to a successful business opportunity. The key to succeeding is finding a company that provides enough advantages to capitalize on and using or obtaining the skills required to make it work for you according to your goals.  After all, you are always the variable in your business success. Now let's see how this can shape up to be your business opportunity.

home based coffee business

Coffee - High Demand Product

The statistics on coffee consumption are overwhelming.  Consider the following when determining the demand for your products in a home based coffee business:

▪  70 billion dollar a year industry

▪  #1 consumed product on the planet next to water

▪  #1 traded commodity next to oil

▪  750 million cups sold daily in North America alone

▪  80% of people drinking 3-5 cups a day

▪  The ability to capitalize on 1% of the North American coffee market, with current spending patterns ($50/month), is a 1.5 billion/year in annual sales company

Coffee consumption is an addiction, and as a result still does well in a recession, and even better in strong economic times.  Coffee will always hold value in the market place!

This is very important when considering your business opportunity.

Competition - Required for Legitimacy

Competition is a double-edged sword and people often mistake competition as a bad thing.  It's not.

Competition in the marketplace is a clear indicator that the product or service has a demand, which is obviously crucial in operating your business. It also creates more awareness and legitimizes your product in the market.

However, you do want to be careful that the competition is so fierce that your ability to carve out an income will be very difficult.  Fortunately, it is very easy to take a tiny piece of the massive coffee market and earn an income, even if there is heavy competition.

This is where you need competitive advantage in your home-based coffee business.

Competitive Advantage - Out Perform Your Competition

Once the competition establishes a well-known market, it's time to look for a home based coffee business that can out perform the competition.

In the case of our product, we've combined coffee and a health component to deliver to a market of people who enjoy a good cup of coffee, but also appreciate their health.

We begin with a 100% Arabica whole bean that creates a smooth cup of coffee that anyone can appreciate.  It has proved time and time again in blind taste tests that it is as good or better than any of the competition currently in the market when it comes to taste.

The addition of our pure 100% USDA certified organic ganoderma (the health component) creates a health advantage that is unmatched.  Our ganoderma contains no excipients, fillers, or binders, as well as no heavy metals.  We also utilize the entire ganoderma herb (as well as other forms of ganoderma) to create a comprehensive health benefit.

In addition to that, we are open in 21 countries in only our third year in business.  This has been strategically done in a way that expands company operations without the upfront expense that often comes with opening new areas for business.  This will allow us to be potentially open in 32 countries by June 2012.

So our competitive advantage from a corporate standpoint is obvious, but how can you make this business opportunity work for you?

Marketing Plan - The Key That Unlocks the Potential

Your marketing plan will ultimately determine your degree of success, and for many who do not have one; it spells the end of their home-based coffee business.

Many choose to believe that the company advantage will translate directly to their bottom line.  This is simply not the case as the competitive advantages provided by the company can not be translated to success until you have a marketing plan that will allow you to capitalize on your piece of the market.

There are up to 10 main marketing streams (with many breaking down to other highly profitable activities) that you can utilize in this business opportunity.  This helps provide options for different skills and networks, and doesn't limit your ability to do it more than one way.

My goal is to make sure that you are paired with a marketing stream that works best for you, and that our team of experts can help you capitalize on whatever method you choose.

This is why your business partners are very important in any business opportunity you choose.

Business Partners - The Trump Card to Your Success

When you choose a business partner in your business opportunity, you need to make sure that their wisdom and support will give you everything you need to succeed.

Too often people pair up with the wrong partner, and the initial guidance and ongoing support they require to make their business profitable is non-existent.

This is often what kills the potential of any business opportunity, so make sure that your partners are on the same page and can assist you in the start up and support of your business.

Ability to Scale - Local to International

Part of your initial conversations with your business partner about your home based coffee business should be around your goals and how big of an operation you want to achieve.

In this particular home based coffee business you can operate at the scale you wish, ranging from operations focused in your city only, all the way to operations internationally.

The choice is yours and your ability to market appropriately will have a huge impact on the scope of your business.

Low Capital Input and Low Overhead

Capital intensive businesses are very difficult to begin at this time due to the recession and tight loan policies now being enforced by financial institutions.

However, in this home based coffee business we have made it possible for any potential business owner to start up without the need for a high capital input.

You can start your home-based coffee business for as little as a $148 investment, and can expand all the way to $1498.  The option is yours and will coincide with how profitable you want to make your business.

On top of that, the overhead required for operations can be very low and the ability to use your home as an office provides several tax advantages as well.

Tip of the Iceberg

This is just a few key components to give you an idea of what you have available to you and what you need to do to profit in a home based coffee business.

your business opportunity

For more complete information on the company, products, training, and compensation plan, please visit our home based coffee business portal, and see how you could become an independent coffee business owner.


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